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How to Make a Simple Greenhouse: 10 Ideas

You might imagine an elaborate glass structure when you think of a greenhouse. However, there are a plethora of greenhouse options available, some of which are do-it-yourself friendly. Building your own greenhouse can be a rewarding and cost-effective investment that provides year-round cultivation and sustainable living. Anyone can build a functional and beautiful greenhouse in their backyard with the right materials and a little planning.

1. Mini Greenhouse with Cedar Planks or Recycled Window

For those with limited space, this small greenhouse is a perfect substitute for a walk-in greenhouse. Crafted from cedar planks or repurposed windows, it features a movable lid ideal for acclimating seedlings before planting. Armed with simple power tools, you can assemble this greenhouse in just a few hours.

2. Lean-to Greenhouse

Lean-to Greenhouse

Lean-to greenhouses are attached to an existing structure, such as a house or a building wall. You can either install greenhouse walls between two structures or have one side of the greenhouse directly against a building. With a roof and three or two sides covered in greenhouse sheeting material, you create a functional enclosure. This design offers proximity to essential services like water and electricity and is efficient in material usage due to its smaller size.

3. Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

This greenhouse protects your plants within its frame by using plastic bottles as excellent insulators. On hot days, prop the lid open to increase airflow. It’s a fantastic project for getting kids involved in recycling and gardening.

4. Geodome Greenhouse

Geodome Greenhouse

Inspired by the Eden Project’s iconic biomes, this geodome greenhouse has a wooden frame and glass panel options such as greenhouse plastic, greenhouse film, shrink film, or polycarbonate sheets. The greenhouse has hinged windows for ventilation to prevent overheating when the sun is shining brightly.

5. A-Frame Greenhouse

A-Frame Greenhouse

A-frame greenhouses are characterized by their triangular frame with the apex facing upward, supported by a foundation or accessible legs. These structures are renowned for efficiently harnessing sunlight due to their increased surface area. They can be constructed on-site permanently, and their simplicity requires minimal tools.

6. Recycled Window Greenhouse

Recycled Window Greenhouse

If you can find discarded windows, this is one of the most cost-effective ways to construct a greenhouse. After constructing a base and an elevated frame, assembly is simple and quick. Add window boxes, planters, and hanging baskets to personalize your recycled window greenhouse.

7. Fold-Down Greenhouse

Fold-Down Greenhouse

Designed to be wall-mounted, this fold-down greenhouse functions like a canopy. It can remain upright during favorable weather and be lowered to protect delicate plants from frost. Constructed from PVC pipe and plastic sheeting, it’s lightweight, easy to adjust, and can be assembled in an afternoon.

8. Mini Plastic Cup Greenhouse

Mini Plastic Cup Greenhouse

Providing young plants with miniature grow homes ensures a strong start for seedlings. Inexpensive plastic pint glasses fit perfectly upside-down on plant pots and saucers, creating a controlled environment for root development and leaf growth.

9. Shelving Units as Greenhouse

Shelving Units as Greenhouse

Metal or plastic-coated shelving units are ideal for repurposing into a greenhouse. They withstand weather conditions well, and you can paint wooden units for added durability. Secure the cover to the shelf unit or weigh it down with stones or heavy pieces of timber to prevent it from toppling over in windy areas.

10. Clear Umbrella Greenhouse

Clear Umbrella

Clear umbrellas serve as shields for both plants and gardeners. With their translucent plastic stretched over sturdy frames, they retain heat, protect against rain, and create ideal growing conditions. These umbrellas can be used to hold circular pots and can be anchored to prevent lifting or toppling.

Starting a DIY greenhouse project not only improves your gardening skills, but it also allows for creativity and sustainability. Whether you have a large backyard or a small balcony, these greenhouse ideas can accommodate a variety of space constraints and gardening needs. Building a greenhouse not only reduces your carbon footprint but also gives you the pleasure of growing your own plants and vegetables all year. So, pick a project that fits your space and style, and then sit back and watch your garden thrive in your custom-built greenhouse.

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